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GB-9016169-D0: Fire retardant liquid compound patent, GB-9016310-D0: Method and apparatus for the naming of database component files to avoid duplication of files patent, GB-9016372-D0: A scaffold platform and an assembly kit for a scaffold platform patent, GB-9016657-D0: An articulated grandstand patent, GB-9016955-D0: Unitised seal assembly patent, GB-9017103-D0: A pipe and a process for its production patent, GB-9017911-D0: Solid laser device patent, GB-9018472-D0: Smoke generator for food smoking kilns patent, GB-9018585-D0: Retractable car cover patent, GB-9019047-D0: Portable drinks carrier patent, GB-9019494-D0: Improvements relating to apparatus for branding animals patent, GB-9020605-D0: Food packaging patent, GB-9020842-D0: Stirling engine construction patent, GB-9021081-D0: Waste water diversion device patent, GB-9021429-D0: Terrain board patent, GB-9021933-D0: Lining material patent, GB-9023505-D0: Anti-sand bridge tool and method for dislodging sand bridges patent, GB-9025282-D0: Refrigerant compositions patent, GB-9025682-D0: A pressure fluid mechanism such as a motor or a pump coupled to a braking device patent, GB-9026606-D0: Dose dispenser patent, GB-9026645-D0: Guard assembly for a vehicle patent, GB-9027639-D0: Process for the preparation of polyvinylalcohol patent, GB-9027648-D0: Tobacco smoking substitute patent, GB-9028023-D0: Encoding colour television signals patent, GB-9028182-D0: Sign etc.making method and equipment patent, GB-9100349-D0: Blockmarbles patent, GB-9100566-D0: Warning lamps patent, GB-9100891-D0: A closure device patent, GB-9101529-D0: Non sharp cut filters for assembling and splitting in weston clean pal patent, GB-9102023-D0: Photoresist materials patent, GB-9102041-D0: Leak detector patent, GB-9104403-D0: Tritium removal patent, GB-9104988-D0: A bar of floating soap patent, GB-9105838-D0: Demountable door patent, GB-9105889-D0: Overhead electric & optical conductor manufacture patent, GB-9105979-D0: Treated powder patent, GB-9106513-D0: A safety device patent, GB-9106789-D0: Nqr methods and apparatus patent, GB-9108523-D0: Electric cable tidiguide patent, GB-9108741-D0: Resolution of glycidic acid derivatives patent, GB-9109499-D0: Refrigeration apparatus patent, GB-9109741-D0: Improvements in or relating to the drilling of deep holes in subsurface formations patent, GB-9110714-D0: Method and apparatus for apparatus for indentifying the orientation of a workpiece patent, GB-9112225-D0: Electronic private branch exchange having an lcr function and a method of accessing a particular common carrier in that exchange patent, GB-9112900-D0: Carrying aid patent, GB-9113139-D0: Detergent compositions patent, GB-9113443-D0: Bra with underarm comfort feature patent, GB-9113668-D0: The double drive chainset for bicycles patent, GB-9113777-D0: Recuperators patent, GB-9113858-D0: Low energy fuse patent, GB-9114176-D0: Optical fibre monitoring patent, GB-9114877-D0: Draughting implement for computer use patent, GB-9115138-D0: Leaf trap for a water drainage downpipe patent, GB-9116727-D0: Folding dual purpose seat patent, GB-9116753-D0: Saddle horse patent, GB-9116785-D0: Improvements in and relating to inhaling devices patent, GB-9117760-D0: Plaque remover patent, GB-9117877-D0: Aircraft engine electrically powered boundary layer bleed system patent, GB-9118491-D0: Rail spike-split ferrule patent, GB-9120919-D0: Self unloading round bale trailer patent, GB-9121808-D0: A mine patent, GB-9121951-D0: The control of electronic equipment from a distant location patent, GB-9122264-D0: A hose coupling having a tubular coupling piece patent, GB-9122417-D0: Holder for a pair of scissors patent, GB-9123348-D0: Toys patent, GB-9123704-D0: Syphon tube patent, GB-9123935-D0: Trolley patent, GB-9124404-D0: Removing pesticide residues from water patent, GB-9124743-D0: Squeeze pack patent, GB-9125108-D0: Improvements in and relating to stable memory circuits patent, GB-9125971-D0: Method and apparatus for the treatment of metal-laminated plastics scrap patent, GB-9126350-D0: Tdma ranging patent, GB-9200030-D0: Restraining device for supporting carrier bags to be transported in motor vehicles in the upright position patent, GB-9201326-D0: Refrigerated cabinet patent, GB-9201511-D0: Abrasive blast-cleaning machine patent, GB-9202317-D0: A door and method of producing a door patent, GB-9202465-D0: Improvements in or relating to roll holders and dispensers patent, GB-9202684-D0: Lockable security post patent, GB-9202719-D0: Apparatus for use in maintaining fizz in a fizzy drink in a plastics drink bottle patent, GB-9202916-D0: Recording media with abrasive cleaning strip at start of tape patent, GB-9203556-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9204045-D0: Handlebar assembly for cycles patent, GB-9204745-D0: Drive and steering system patent, GB-9205015-D0: Organic coating removing formulations patent, GB-9205417-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9205460-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9206367-D0: Oxygen measuring probe patent, GB-9206425-D0: Carriers patent, GB-9207172-D0: Can opener patent, GB-9207444-D0: Heat transfer apparatus and method patent, GB-9207531-D0: Monitoring a computer system patent, GB-9208159-D0: Rodsafe buzzer bar patent, GB-9208324-D0: Semiconductor devices patent, GB-9208393-D0: Dynamic monitoring apparatus for rail vehicle bearings patent, GB-9208912-D0: Detection means patent, GB-9209821-D0: Container patent, GB-9210100-D0: Microwave food heating plate patent, GB-9210485-D0: Weighing device patent, GB-9210964-D0: Output voltage estimating circuit for a power converter having galvanic isolation between input and output circuits patent, GB-9211424-D0: Electrical,intrinsically-safe interface devices patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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